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Environmental Zones in France

Towards the end of 2017 several new environmental or Low Emission Zones have been introduced in France, with more zones to be expected.

There are two types of zone:

Zone à Circulation Restreinte (ZCR) or limited traffic zone, this type of zone is to be found in built-up areas and is permanently active. It is mandatory for vehicles to have the appropriate category of Crit'Air certificate to enter these zones.

Zone de Protection de l'Air (ZPA) or air protection zone, this type of zone is significantly larger and typically covers a complete Département. This type of zone only becomes active when pollution levels are particularly high.

As ZPA zones cover a large geographic area, they can include the permanently active ZCR zones and in the event of heavy air pollution can override the ZCR further restricting the categories of vehicles permitted to travel in the zone.

Crit'Air Certificate The Crit'Air Certificate or windscreen sticker can be obtained on-line from www.certificat-air.gouv.fr (English language version availabe)
The certificate costs €3.70 (€4.80 including postage); price reduction to €3.11 plus postage from 1 March 2018.

Green Zones app This app for your smartphone shows the low emission zones and which stickers or vignettes are needed, the app will also show when a ZPA is active.