Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain

Looking back at the History of the club...

Our original logo

The Club started in 1986 when a small group of Eriba Owners held an informal ‘get together’ at  Billing Aquadrome Northampton.  

This developed into the
Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain

From those early beginnings the current membership stands at just over 300 units with members spanning all ages and from all parts of the United Kingdom. 

There are even some members living in both France and Holland. The oldest caravan dates from the 1960’s to latest models fresh from the factory.

Ian Ashton

For many years the club was effectively run single-handed by one of the founder members, Ian Ashton. Ian later became the club's president and continued to play an active role until his sudden death in 2012.

Due to the steadily increasing membership and the growth in activities, it became necessary to formalise the club’s constitution. An elected committee now shares the responsibilities of organisation.

While it has become necessary to adopt some formal organisation, the club nevertheless seeks to uphold the intentions of the founding members to be an informal group of friends sharing a common interest in Eriba caravanning.

To this end all members are encouraged to make some contribution, large or small, to the running of the club.